Support System V2.1

Support System V2.1

Many companies are offering technical support to there client. Before technical support can approach only by telephone or email. But as technology goes by, contacting support is now very easy.

From the Futurevision Computer System and Network, we make it easy for our client to reach us. By creating a ticketing system that will sure all the support that need by our client will notify and accomplish.

Screenshot of Creating Ticket

Creating a ticket is much easier and make it more information to the details. By selecting which category that ticket will be, giving schedule when you want to make our technician do, giving more details by attaching file, contact person, contact number and add more description for the ticket.]

Screenshot of details of the ticket

You can check the status of your ticket by clicking the details of the ticket from the sidebar, (check picture above). Our technician will create a comment of all the activities he do to this ticket. You can also submit a comment for this ticket.

Screenshot of all the product list

All the product/item that has been related to our company will be put also in your account so you can review all the items like email account, anti virus activation key, etc,

You can sign to and login. The account will be sent by our admin if you want to register to our support ticketing system.

Contact our office thru here.

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