The Future Vision for Computer Systems & Network is a leading IT solutions company in Abu dhabi, UAE that provides robust it services to businesses ranging from cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, pos system, firewall using the latest technologies that are emerging in the digital era.

Why Your Business Should Take Data Backup and Recovery Seriously

The idea of recovering 100% of your data after a breach is a big illusion, you don’t know when you will be getting such problems and that also depends on how often you make backup of your data – yes, I am talking about businesses that do not back up their data quite often, would you believe us when we say that most of them just do it once a year? 


Yes, only once a year and it sounds like a total nightmare. 


A small system failure can cause a loss of data for every business, especially for those that don’t have a dedicated team to look through the organization’s data with the best solution practices.

Types of Backup Methods

Full Backup

All data is cloned and stored in a new location – it is the most comprehensive process as it backs up all selected files and folders, though it requires more space and takes longer to do. But this type of backup method makes retrieving faster than any other backup methods.

Incremental Backup

Incremental backup replicates only changes to data since the last backup, whether it was a full, partial or incremental. It is a faster method of data backup and requires less storage but file restoration is slower not to mention the possibility of incremental data becoming corrupt which can prevent complete file restoration.

Differential Backup

It records all changes between the current data and the last full backup which is a compromise between a full backup and incremental backup, this type of backup method requires less storage space than full backups without the exposure of an incremental backup.

Backup Providers

Data is the lifeline of every company, and the team that you entrust to do these backups is also an important part of it which is why you have to choose the right one. 


There are things you have to consider when choosing the right company. 

1. The price of the data backup work, are there offers that include the best solutions for the company.
If the company has the certifications to handle your data when your business gets to be a subject of industry-specific regulations.
If your data will be secured in transit and at rest (encrypted or otherwise protected) .

4. If the company can provide 24/7 coverage of the support we require.

Why Choose The Future Vision for Computer Systems & Networks?

Future Vision delivers top-notch backup solutions and recovery services for businesses of all types and sizes. Our company possesses a profound understanding of the critical importance of data security and continuity, Future Vision tech team specializes in crafting tailored backup strategies to ensure integrity and accessibility of valuable and sensitive information of a company. 


Our IT Solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies and industry’s best practices to implement robust backup systems that are capable of safeguarding data against various threats which include cyberattacks, natural disasters, or hardware failures. 

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right location for storing your data backups is a crucial decision which involves considerations related to security, compliance, accessibility and disaster recovery. There are factors you have to consider when choosing a data backup store like offsite storage, environmental controls and physical security. 


Employing both on-site and off-site backups is the best way to protect your data from localized disasters, having both options is both an effective measure for data recovery as they both have their own pros and cons. 


With the increasing attacks on organizations’ sensitive data through ransomware and other types of attacks, that’s why they should follow the 3-2-1 rule in order to protect themselves from a ransomware attack. This rule is the foundation in every organization’s defense strategy.