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Tech News: Samsung Event Features New S24 Series and Generative AI

Halfway through the month of January and Samsung Galaxy is already kicking off the year with the launch of their S24 series with AI features that they’re proudly showcasing in the land of San Jose, USA. 


Seems like a new level of standard is being set by the mobile maker as they unveil the new era for the most intelligent mobile phone, with the implementation of generative AI features in their Galaxy S24, aiming to compete with Apple’s iPhone 15 and Google Pixel’s 8 series.


The S24 series is set to be the first Samsung smartphones with incorporated AI features, and with powerful OS upgrades.


And in case you missed it, Samsung AI forum last year announced the debut of a new generative AI model called “Gauss” which is their answer to ChatGPT and other AI tools. 


Their AI model and Gauss will be integrated into some Galaxy s24 handsets according to some reports. 


Rumors also say that the appearance of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to have the same body like Apple’s iPhone 15 – the titanium material with 200mp main camera with 50mp optical zoom camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera and 10MP telephoto camera. 


The Samsung event will be taking place at 1pm EST and 10pm GMT+4 today.


Watch their live launch via their youtube channel.


Apple being left behind?


With this news, I might say that Apple is really going to have a hard time keeping up with all these happenings. Not to mention they were overtaken by Microsoft as the most valuable company a few days ago, and now Samsung is launching new models that are set to become the standard for intelligent mobile phones as it incorporates artificial intelligence. 


I have nothing against Apple, but Android is really catching up and it’s going to drill them deeper into the ground if they don’t do something. 


Although I know how heavily invested Apple is with AI research, which is expected to translate into some more exciting AI-based features for the future models of iPhones – other tech companies are also seeing this as a new marketing narrative. 


That’s why I see more people anticipating this unpacked event of Samsung, their attempt to take advantage of AI’s time seems to be working perfectly fine.


At this point, do not be surprised by the amount of tech companies taking advantage of the benefits that Artificial Intelligence brings to the table especially for these phone makers. Even software tools like Vision Law System are utilizing the technology to enhance their user-experience. 


Our “Smart Search System” is fully utilizing the generative AI to make sure that our software is intelligently serving its purpose to law firms and lawyers that are using our software solution. 


Make sure that you’re on the right side of technology by embracing these latest advancements, no matter which industry you’re in.

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