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What’s Inside the Vision Law System’s Mobile Application?

Our management software called “Vision Law System” is the perfect example of why people should start using more management software, it keeps everything organized and helps lawyers and legal professionals to just focus on practicing law – and we’ve mentioned it plenty of times before. 


Today, we’re taking you inside our mobile application, touring you of what you’re about to see after installing it in your mobile devices if you follow the links below:


IOS: https://apple.co/47hYlfR

Android: https://bit.ly/49MK8Jt


Once you’re in, you will be asked to put in your credentials in order to be able to login.


login page mobile application screenshot of vision law system software from abu dhabi dubai uae made by the future vision for computer system and network


If you are a new user, you are obligated to list your office, fill in the necessary details and you can start using the legal management system. 


Once you’re inside the app, you and your team will be able to access every client information, including those that are looking for lawyers to help them inside the country. It will also allow you to post job openings, get new employees and obtain new team members. 

vision law system mobile application screenshot which is the top leading legal software in the whole country of UAE and made by future vision for computer system and network


Whatever that is you may need to be organized will be handled by the vision law system as the software is easier to navigate, as you keep track of all your files in just one place with an intuitive interface. At this point, you really need to say goodbye to the complexities of manual file management and embrace a future where our legal management system simplifies the workflow, enhances collaboration, and ultimately elevates the standard of file organization within the legal realm.

files management screenshot of vision law system mobile application which is the top leading legal software in abu dhabi UAE thats perfect for case management system


In the “files management” section, you will be able to see all the files stored in your office, the system will intelligently store them for you. This feature allows everyone in the office to manage everything without the hassle of paperworks, which can be pretty convenient for the legal professionals and the staff working alongside them.

Dashboard interface screenshot of vision law system mobile application which is the top leading legal software in abu dhabi UAE thats perfect for case management system


In the dashboard section, you will also be able to see the amount of work you’ve done so far, this helps you track your law firm’s record and identify which ones are pending and which sessions will soon remind you.

Statistics interface screenshot of vision law system mobile application which is the top leading legal software in abu dhabi UAE thats perfect for case management system


In case you’re wondering, the app also gives you the ability to measure your statistics within the month or the whole year. This gives you an even clearer view of your law firm’s performance throughout the time you’ve spent working on cases and providing legal services in the industry.


While there’s a lot to unfold, we would suggest you to download the app yourself and figure out the rest of its features, you will be able to learn something new everyday as you continuously use it for your legal offices or law firms. The Vision Law System mobile application is integrated with WhatsApp and can notify your clients with their ongoing or pending hearings, status of their cases and so on… 


They can also be reminded via SMS or Email, giving them the convenience of not having to open the app just to check what’s happening around the clock.


The interface of the vision law system is easy to steer, as we made it specifically with the thoughts of being used by the people that are not familiar with this type of software, what our developers had in mind when they created the system is to be simple and yet useful with hidden smart features that will be discovered by clients as they continuously uses the application, the interface was as well made appealing for the likes of every clients.


 And with the year of 2023 finally coming to an end, our developers will continuously improve the mobile application and the whole software by launching more features and perhaps gives us more motivation to lift the burdens of our legal professionals in the legal industry. Our software is a good start for them, reducing the paperworks will heavily impact the way their work flows. 


Start listing your law firms by visiting our website today: https://visionlawsystem.ae/, install the mobile application for a better and convenient experience.


And if you want an even better explanation, we’re always one call away if you dial (+971) 26327566 

Or by sending us an email via info@thefuturevision.com 


Our social media pages are listed below, be updated with our latest development by liking, subscribing and following them. 


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