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Pioneering IT Solutions for Tomorrow – Artificial Intelligence

Take away all the tech resources of all businesses and almost each and every one of them will not be functioning as they used to, especially in this generation. Technology has revolutionized the way we’re living, the way we’re thriving, technology is scary but that’s the fun part of it, don’t you think? without it, I don’t think we would be in a place we are currently at right now.


IT solutions companies like us wouldn’t be existing either, we know that sounds like a total nightmare but it was possible if technology wasn’t invented though we know that humanity can survive and would have probably invented something different and not the internet.


So, let’s ask the most important question. What is Future Vision?


We’re a group of people based in Abu Dhabi that do not just exist to manage technology; we’re here as a resource to help our clients develop innovative solutions and effective strategies. We’re often called an “IT Company” and we provide outsourced technology services to businesses and essentially help them perform better.


How many IT companies are there in Abu Dhabi?


Currently there are over 111 companies that provide the same services that we do, but of course every company differs from one another. 


Aside from the general main goal of IT-solutions companies to assist organizations in utilizing technology to enhance their operations, we are also developing our technology with the use of the current tech sectors like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data analytics especially when they’re hitting their peaks these days as more countries try to invest and contribute to their development including our own, UAE. 


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When was Future Vision established?


We’re established in 2008 and are still thriving in the year of 2023 and 2024 and more coming years. And this year we’ve gone through a lot of development and difficulties that IT companies usually go through because life is not just about rainbows and flowers, after all. These days we’ve been looking forward to entering the year of 2024, not just because it’s another year of business but because there’s so much news to expect in the tech industry, so much to anticipate that will help us develop more in the coming years, which excites everyone especially those that are in the tech industry.


Is Future Vision utilizing Artificial Intelligence?


And just like the typical internet fans, we are also interested with how fast artificial intelligence is developing these days especially when everybody just can’t seem to stop talking about AI.


And yes, we’ve heard of “Mika” which is the AI humanoid robot assigned as the new CEO in a Polish rum company who will be now steering operations on Dictador’s behalf, according to the company’s report. 


No, we are not replacing our dear CEO with a humanoid robot like “Mika” so don’t even think about it. We’ve actually found the movement from this company a bit impulsive, because the robot has a noticeable delay in the time for it to actually respond to which was immediately countered-argued by Dictador who simply said that “I feel very strongly that we need to teach A.I. to care about people for A.I to be really safe, to be really, really good. I think humanizing that is a very important direction,” some express willingness to treat AI with compassion, others argue that machines, including robots, do not require respect. Pretty harsh, we think? 


Meanwhile in Cleveland Ohio, Stark Enterprises has introduced a 400-pound robot security guard to patrol ohio sidewalks, and the robot has a lot of functionalities that a single human cannot execute and if you’re curious of what the officials said, they told the media that the robot is not intended to replace people in security jobs. Now we know, that doesn’t sound very comforting.


We don’t have those ideas right now, we don’t want a CEO to replace our own nor we don’t want a robot to secure our office. What we are focusing on right now is how AI will help us go through the everyday struggles of technologies without breaking a sweat and help our programmers especially to lighten up their works.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the capabilities of IT solutions companies, enabling them to craft sophisticated software systems such as the Vision Law Management System (VLMS). By harnessing the power of AI, IT solutions companies can enhance the functionality and efficiency of legal management software. AI contributes to automating repetitive tasks, streamlining document management, and providing intelligent insights through features like predictive analytics. The Vision Law Management System exemplifies how AI can be seamlessly integrated into software solutions, transforming the legal landscape by offering advanced functionalities that facilitate case management, communication, and decision-making. The marriage of AI and IT solutions not only optimizes processes but also propels the industry towards innovative and intelligent solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the legal sector. This type of software is what the top-leading law firms in the UAE are looking for, and help them get through the daily struggles of managing an office. Our legal software here in UAE can reach above and beyond with more developments coming in the year of 2024.


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Future Vision for Computer System and Network goal is to advance with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning but in a way that will get us through our goal to maintain our solid relationships with our clients. We intend to make use of AI as much as we can without crossing our boundaries and at the same time preserving our values and loyalty to humanity and make the world a better place to live for future generations. 


If you want to more about our services, contact us via: 📞 (+971) 2632-7566 or you can always send us an email at 📩 info@thefuturevision.com 

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